Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Degree Completion

The Discipleship Stage

This degree is designed primarily for those men who wish to study for the Priesthood but who do not have the required college background. The program provides the opportunity for prospective students to finish college studies, earn a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and continue their formation in the Seminary.

Prerequisites for entering this program are based on a typical college program of classes which are found in five coordinate groups. Students must have completed a variety of at least 60 units from these groups and must have a grade point average of at least a “C”. Students must also present SAT scores. Credits will only be accepted towards the BA Completion Degree for work completed by the student at another regionally accredited institution. Transfer credit is only allowed in those courses in which a grade of C- or better has been achieved. Please note that the required number of units or hours transferred in from another educational institution must correspond to the following distribution:

  1. Verbal Skills (12 units): 4 courses or 12 units in the areas of grammar, speech, foreign languages. One course must be in composition and a second in speech.
  2. Quantitative Skills (6 units): 2 courses or a minimum of 6 units in the areas of mathematics, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, or computer science.
  3. Social Sciences (18 units):  6 courses or a minimum of 18 semester units in American history, western civilization, social and political history, psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, archeology, political science.
  4. Natural Sciences (6 units): 2 courses or a minimum of 6 semester units in physics, geology, chemistry, biology, physiology, physiological psychology, anatomy, embryology, general science, ecology or health science.
  5. Humanities (18 units): 6 courses or a minimum of 18 semester units in world literature, drama, literary criticism, art, art history, intellectual/cultural history, history of science, music or history of music.

Once these prerequisites have been reviewed and approved by the Academic Dean, students will be able to apply for entrance into the BA Completion Degree Program. Students wishing to enter this BA Completion Program for the purpose of continuing on to ordination for the priesthood should contact the Bishop or Vocation Director for preliminary consultation. As the well-formed human intellect demands a truly liberal education, the BA Completion Degree Program features coursework in Philosophy, Theology, and the Humanities. The learning outcomes and program of study are identical to the Pre-Theology program. Upon successful completion of the coursework, students will then be prepared to enter the Theologate.

All prospective students will meet with the Academic Dean to review student transcripts and develop an appropriate academic program. Students wishing to enter this BA Completion Program for the purpose of continuing on to ordination for the priesthood should contact the Bishop or Vocation Director of the Diocese for preliminary consultation.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of St. Patrick’s Seminary’s BA Completion Degree Program in Philosophy, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the distinction and the relationship between faith and reason according to the Catholic tradition.
  • Trace the development of the Western philosophical tradition by identifying its major figures, issues, and theses, with particular focus on the thought of Thomas Aquinas.
  • Respond effectively to issues of particular relevance to contemporary culture by formulating sound and clear arguments and counterarguments.
  • Read carefully (both primary and secondary philosophical sources), think critically, and communicate clearly in formal academic writing.
  • Translate a variety of intermediate-level Latin texts into English.
  • Demonstrate a well-formed imagination by identifying the basic principles of analyzing and appreciating major works of music, art, poetry, and literature in the Western canon.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the foundations of Church teaching in the areas contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (doctrine, liturgy, morals, and Christian prayer) and in Sacred Scripture.

St. Patrick’s Seminary’s BA in Philosophy Completion Degree Plan of Studies is as follows:

BA in Philosophy I


LA-101: Latin I (3)
PH-101: Academic Writing I (1)
PH-114: Humanities I: Arts and Ideas: Catholic Approaches to Beauty in Music, Architecture, and Art (3)
PP-101: Logic (3)
PP-112: History of Philosophy I: Ancient Philosophy (3)
TH-105: History of Christian Spirituality (3)


LA-102: Latin II (3)
PH-102: Academic Writing II (1)
PH-115: Humanities II: Theology through Literature (3)
PP-104: Philosophy of Nature (3)
PP-113: History of Philosophy II: Medieval Philosophy (3)
TH-107: The Spirit of the Liturgy (3)

BA in Philosophy II


PP-205: Philosophical Anthropology (3)
PP-206: Metaphysics (3)
PP-208: Philosophical Ethics (3)
PP-212: History of Philosophy III: Modern Philosophy (3)
TH-204: God and Human Existence (2)
TH-205: Sacred Scripture: Old Testament (2)
GR-101: Biblical Greek I (2) (Elective)
SP-101: Pastoral-Liturgical Spanish I (2) (Elective)


PP-201: Epistemology (3)
PP-209: Philosophy of God (3)
PP-214: Political Philosophy (3)
PP-213: History of Philosophy IV: Contemporary Philosophy (3)
PP-215: Capstone Seminar (1)
TH-206: Sacred Scripture: New Testament (2)
GR-102: Biblical Greek II (2) (Elective)
SP-102: Pastoral-Liturgical Spanish II (2) (Elective)