Tuition & Fees

Rates are subject to change. Please contact the Director of Operations for current rate information.

Return of Tuition and Fees Policy

If an unfortunate withdrawal from the seminary program occurs, we will observe the following return of tuition and fees policy. The Academic year is considered August-May.

¾ tuition if student leaves prior to Oct. 15 of the academic year;
½ tuition if the student leaves from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31 of the academic year;
¼ tuition if the student leaves from Jan. 1 to Mar. 15 of the academic year;
No tuition refund after Mar. 15 of the academic year.

Room & Board:
Fees will be prorated by a 10-month academic year. STPSU will refund fees from any full month not in residence. For example, if a student leaves Nov. 4th, STPSU will refund fees for the months of Dec. through May.

Pastoral Year:
If a student leaves prior to Dec. 31 of the Pastoral Year, ½ of the Pastoral Year fee will be returned. After Dec. 31, there will be no refund.

Room Deposit:
Room deposit will be returned only after the room has passed inspection. All keys must be turned in. There will be a $15 charge for every key not returned, which will be deducted from the Room Deposit.

There will be no refund for Retreat Fees and ongoing Psychological Services Fees.